Methods / textbooks
Begel: A Modern Guide for Trombonists and Other Musicians
Kleinhammer: Mastering the Trombone (EMKO)
Kleinhammer: The Art of Trombone Playing (Summy-Birchard)
Knaub: Trombone Teaching Techniques (Accura Music)
Lafosse: Méthode Complète de Trombone a Coulisse
Langey: The G Bass Slide Trombone
Lusk: The Trombonists’s Guide to the Cello Suites of J. S. Bach
Ostrander: The F Attachment and bass Trombone
Reynolds: A Comprehensive Workbook for Bass Trombone
Roberts/Tanner: Let’s Play Bass Trombone (Henry Adler Publications)

The Simplicity Tutor for Bb tenor slide trombone (Booset and Hawkes)

Everett: Annotated Guide to Bass Trombone Literature (The Brass Press) 1978 (OUT OF PRINT)
The Trombone (Faber and Faber) OUT OF PRINT
Herbert: The Trombone (Yale University Press)
Wick: Trombone Technique OUT OF PRINT (download via