Bass Trombone / trombone in Chamber Music / Orchestra

Albam: Escapade (bass trombone and woodwind quintet)
Minstrel Man for bass trombone, Bass drum, hi-hat cymbals (1 player for all) (Boosey and Hawkes)
Bolter: Temptation (bass trombone/serpent and string quartet) (Air-Ev productions)
Brubeck: Concerto for bass trombone and orchestra (Carl Fischer)
Buss: Diversions (trombone and flute) (Brixton Publications)
Buss: Fables from Aesop (trombone and violin) (Brixton Publications)
Dodgson: Concerto for bass Trombone and Orchestra (Neuschel)
Duncan: below the Star Stretched Sky (bass trombone and string quartet)
Elgar: Duett (trombone and double bass) (Yorke Edition)
Everett: Duos for Bb clarinet and bass trombone (Seesaw)
Ewazen: Ballad for Bass Trombone, Harp and String Orchestra (Southern Music Company)
Ewazen: Rhapsody (bass trombone and string orchestra)
Finsterer: Piece for piano, violin and bass trombone (Australian Music centre)
Gane: Oz (bass trombone and Eb tenor drum) (Warwick Music)
Glass: Diversions (Two flutes and bass trombone)
Hartley: Sonata da Camera for trombone and 4 Winds ( ob. 2 cl. bsn. trb) (Wingert-Jones Music)
Hartley: Suite for 5 Winds (fl. ob. cl. Eflat sax, trb) (Wingert-Jones Music)
Hidas: Florida Concerto (Marc Reift)
Hidas: 1+5 (bass trombone and wind quintet)
Hidas: Rhapsody (bass trombone and wind band)
Hutter: Bläzerfantasie (woodwind quintet and bass trbn.) (Gustav Bosse verlag) OUT OF PRINT
Hutter: Poem (bass trombone, violin, viola, cello, cor anglais, bassoon)
Kazik: Introduction and Allegro (bass trombone and wind quintet)
McCarty: Sonata for bass trombone and string quartet (Ensemble)
McGinty: Soundscapes (Bass Trombone and violin)
Raum: Concerto (bass trombone with string orchestra and percussion)
Raum: Four Elements (trombone and violin)
Riddle: Five Pieces (Bass trombone and brass quartet)
Schnyder: The Island (bass trombone and string quartet)
Schnyder: Trio (bass trombone, violin and piano)
Schmidt: Concertino (bass trombone and woodwind quintet) (Western International Music)
Sciortino: Lacs (Bass trombone and string trio) (Symphony Land)
Stearn: Northern Dances (Bass trombone and percussion) (Warwick Music)
Stearn: The Edge (bass trombone and tenor drum) (Warwick Music)
Stearn: Real and un-Real (bass trombone and marimba) (Warwick Music)
Stroud: The Brass Ring, Quintet No. 4 (bass trombone and brass quartet)
Szõllõsy: A Hundred Bars for Tom Everett (bass trb. and 3 bongos) (Editio Musica Budapest)
Wolff: Dark as a Dungeon (bass trombone and double bass) (Edition Peters)
Zugger: Three Dances (trombone and clarinet) (Howard Buss Publications)
Zugger: Street Scenes (trombone and calrinet)