Trombone Duets

Tenor and Bass Trombones
Bach arr. Ostrander: Two part Inverntions (Kendor)
Bach: 12 Two-part Inventions (Ensemble)
Bach arr. Schnyder: Fugue in C minor (trombone and soprno saxophone/trumpet) (Danymu)
Bak: Duets for bass instruments (Harmonia)
Beethoven arr. Sauer: Three duos (Cherry Classics)
Belke: Concert duets (Alliance)
Belke: Duo Concertante, opus 55 (Editions Bim)
Blazhevich: Concert duets (Belwin)
Buss: Four Miniatures (Brixton Publications)
Buss: Time Capsules (Brixton Publications)
Concone: Five Duets (Kendor)
Davis: Trombone Institute of Technolog (Hip-BoneMusic)
Frith: Three Duets (Warwick Music)
Gershwin arr : Summertime (MusicaNeo)
Lesley: The Two Terrible Trombones (Warwick Music)
Lynn: 20 Posh duets (Tezak)
McDougall: Three Vignettes & a variation (Warwick Music)
Morley arr. Holland: First Booke of Canzonets to two Voyces (Briar Music Press)
North: Equilibreum (Cherry Classics)
Pederson: Ten Duets for tenor and Bass Trombone (Kendor)
Pederson: Ten Pieces for tenor and Bass Trombone
Sear: Advanced duets (Cor Publishing)
Sear: Advanced duets Volume ll (Cor Publishing)
Stockhausen, Gabriel: Five Interludes (Kagarice Brass Editions)
Uber: Ten tasty Duos (Virgo)
Vobaron: Études (Billaudot)
Vogel: Solar Lights (Howard Buss Publications)

2 Bass Trombones
Bowie: Second Base Blues Serendipity Press)
Eversden: Dynamic Duos (Warwick Music)
Gillis: Ten More Duets (Virgo)
Pederson: Ten Duets for bass Trombone (Kendor)
Pederson: The Crimson Collop (Kendor0
Zinders: Ten Duets for Bass Trombone (Wehr’s Music House)

Twelve 17th/18th century duets (Medici Music Press)
Selected Duets Volume l (Easy-Medium) (Rubank)
Selected Duets Volume ll (Advanced) (Rubank)
arr Alessi/Sachs: 14 Duets (Carl Fischer)
Easy cello duets l (Schott)
Easy cello duets ll (Schott)
Hindemith: Stücke (bassoon and cello) (Schott)
Jones: 21 Distinctive Duets for Tubas (UMMP)
Roikjer: 10 Invertions (2 tubas)
Wilder: Suite for Two Tubas (10 duets)